Rihanna has gone on record to say that Madonna is the pop star who inspired her the most. RiRi told We Love Pop (via DigitalSpy) that Madge's evolution, in terms of her style and her music, impacted her.

"If I had to examine her evolution through time, I think she reinvented her clothing style and music with success every single time," Rihanna spilled. "And at the same time remained a real force in entertainment in the whole world."

As for her own style evolution, Rihanna, 23, said that likes to evolve and grow, and refuses to stick to one style for too long so that she never gets stale. She admitted that she is over her 'Rated R' period, saying that "even though it was very successful for me … It was tough because I was forced to maintain a certain image for so long and now I just want to get out of that."

Ri certainly has morphed her look considerably between 'Rated R' and 'Loud,' and it's also reflected in the music. "I want to have more fun with my music, my image and be more experimental," the 'Man Down' singer proclaimed. "So, with 'Loud,' I got a bit more rebellious and did whatever I wanted to do. I reinvented my image and took creative control." That she certainly did!

Rihanna also said that her earliest works were most influence by Madge. While she was known for sexy, outrageous ensembles -- cone shaped bustiers, anyone? -- it was Madonna's constant chameleon-like hair that was also heavily talked about during her heyday. She changed the color and length often, and that's certainly something we noticed RiRi doing, as well. From her chin-length bob to her signature pixie cut, to her recent fire engine waves, RiRi's coif is certainly attracting the same type of attention that Madonna's used to.

Rihanna, who just nabbed a gig as an Emporio Armani spokesmodel, also gave props to fellow fashion forward diva Lady Gaga. While RiRi respects Gaga for her daring, take-no-prisoners fashion sense, she prefers a less outrageous look for herself, instead focusing on fashions she (and other women) could wear on the street while out and about. "I don't think I could walk down the street wearing bubbles or a dress made of ham, [but] what Lady Gaga has done has been kind of amazing," she acknowledged. "I am the opposite. I wear clothes I would wear on the street. I'm all about a real look."

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