Ut oh. MediaTakeOut is reporting that a new sex tape may have surfaced -- this time starring pop diva Rihanna and rapper J. Cole. While this report is purely speculative, the site claims that an anonymous source is offering to sell the video and even sent screen shots of Rihanna and Cole engaging in sexual behaviors.

How is the source "sure" it's RiRi? It says she is sporting the curly, fire engine red hair that she favored onstage and in magazines for much of the summer. That's not exactly proof of her identity and anyone can sport a racy red wig, kids.

However, J Cole did open for Rihanna on her 'Loud' tour this summer, so we wouldn't be surprised if the young, famous and talented twosome hooked up on the trek. As for the notion that they would be so ill-advised as to make a sex tape of them getting down and dirty, if they did indeed get down and dirty? That we're not so sure of.

Why? Because Rihanna is one of the most famous women on the planet and she seems in control
of her image. While the 'Only Girl (In the World)' singer is an open about her sexuality and her bedroom preferences, we think she is a bit more careful than to make a sex tape that could end up in the wrong hands. Just sayin'.