It was sexy time when pop tart Rihanna and superwaif Kate Moss posed for Mario Testino for their V magazine cover. The photos leaked last November, but now they are in print form.

It's the mag's Dynamic Duos issue so that Lady Gaga and Troy Carter cover was a bit of a decoy. But who cares! Moss plays the submissive to RiRi's dominatrix in these photos that are so hot, you best not leave 'em near plastic, because it'll melt.

We are shocked that Rih has more clothes on than Moss in this cover. She's not even topless. Like, WTF?

The sexy twosome met in 2009 at the Met Gala. Moss asked for a photo, since her daughter Lila Grace is a fan who runs around the house with her little girlfriends singing Rihanna songs. RiRi happily obliged, but was shocked that Moss was a mommy. "I didn't know she had a child, and she still looks like this? So there is still hope for people who want babies and still want to be sexy," the 'Stay' singer said. That's one way of looking at it. Moss is the ultimate MILF.

They decided to do this cover, which is potent enough to stop the world from spinning on its axis, after meeting up at a Stella McCartney event. Testino was there and the conduit to all this sexiness. He was telling Ri how he wanted to shoot her and Moss overheard it and thus inserted herself into the convo.

"Kate overheard us talking and she said, ‘I want to do it with you!" Rihanna gushed. Not that kind of "do" it, either. Rih continued, "Again, I was like, Are you f---ing kidding me?' I was dying on the inside. All my fantasies were coming true: Mario, V, Kate Moss."

Jeez, what about Breezy? Isn't he a fantasy come true?

Rihanna called her photo co-star "an awesome, cool little rock star" and Moss said she would do a shoot with the singer again "in a heartbeat."

Other highlights? Ri calls her style "spontaneous" when it comes to fashion. She also loves Tom Ford, whose clothes reek of sex, and Michael Kors, who is more classic and "everywoman" with his pieces.

"Tom Ford is just pure sex,” she said. Um, yeah. Remember the croc skin black dress she wore to the Met Gala last year? She continued, "Only the baddest b---- can wear that. And he knows how to tailor things to women to make them look so desirable. Michael Kors is just easy fashion that works for any age group. A girl can look sexy in the same dress when she is 20 as when she is 50. He is timeless."

Watch Footage From the Rihanna + Kate Moss Cover Shot