Lady Gaga answered lots of questions about 'ARTPOP' during a Twitter Q&A sesh, but the most telling was a little exchange between herself and Rihanna about 'Sex Dreams,' further suggesting that the two titans of pop music have collaborated on an 'ARTPOP' track.

Last week, RiRi tweeted about a top secret studio sesh that had people thinking it was with Gaga since she used the term "monster," long associated with Gaga because of her fans aka little monsters.

Yesterday, RiRi she tweeted a reference to an 'ARTPOP' song title.

Yeah, we don't think that was a coded message to her ex Chris Brown. The tweet prompted a Gaga reply.

Hmm. This swappage of tweets doesn't seem like a mere accident. We think that Ma Monster and RiRi are dropping hints. The Monster Navy better form, rather than little monsters and the Navy dividing and conquering.

We are shaking and crying over the possibility of a collabo between these broads.

Gaga also shared tons more info about the album.

Album cover deets:

The genres:

Next single:

The swanhead in the 'Applause' video:

What 'ARTPOP' is: