Rihanna is turning up the heat in her new video for 'We Found Love,' which she is shooting in Northern Ireland. Along with being topless, which made a local farmer irate, she reportedly has filmed a steamy love scene with a Chris Brown doppelgänger.

According to MediaTakeOut, the R&B songbird's love interest in the video appears to be a blond-haired hunk who looks similar to Mr. Breezy. There are photos of the pair walking side by side enjoying their lovely stroll.

What's even more eye-popping is Rihanna's outfit. She is wearing a mesh top with pasties covering her boobies with her blue jeans unbuttoned showing off her black spanks. What kind of video is this R&B superstar making?

The gossip website seems to think that RiRi and Brown have rekindled their relationship back in the States, but we don't believe that's the case. We can only speculate that Rihanna is trying to send a message about failed relationships by having a Chris Brown look-alike in the video.

As we previously reported, Rihanna is filming her video for 'We Found Love' in Ireland with her longtime videographer Melina. Later this week, she will perform three shows in Belfast and continue on her UK tour with Calvin Harris, her ‘We Found Love’ producer, through December. RiRi’s still-untitled album is due in stores on Nov. 21.