Even though her first 'Talk That Talk' single 'We Found Love' is a certified smash hit and second single 'You Da One' rolled out with a new video last week, Rihanna is not content to rest and savor recent success. The singer is already planning for her next single from the album.

She reached out to her Twitter followers today (Nov. 29) to ask her fans what the third single should be. "I need answers!!!! #NEXTSINGLE #TTT." she tweeted.

She even went as far as to add, "It's da Roc," in one tweet, seeming to confirm that the third single from the sexually charged 'Talk That Talk' could in fact be 'Roc Me Out.' RiRI's tweet read as follows: "Its da Roc *Jigga voice* RT @WoowStyles: @rihanna Roc Me Out is #1 TT! omg, i can't. adaslfkjsadkfasf!!!"

The fact that she dropped the phrase "Roc" is enough to get us psyched for this next taste of her album. In PopCrush's review of 'Talk That Talk,' we point out that 'Roc Me Out' is not a 'roc' song, but more hip-hop oriented with escalating sonic tension where RiRi isn't afraid to ask for what she wants from a man. The girl's got hormones and urges and needs that demand to be satisfied.

What do you guys think? What do you want her third single to be?

Listen to Rihanna, 'Roc Me Out'