Next time you really like someone's outfit, take a page out of Rihanna's book and say, "Wow, you make me throw up." We're sure that will go over swimmingly. Trust us.

This is specifically the "compliment" RiRi used when she took to Twitter to praise Nicole Richie's look at the 2013 Met Gala. She posted, "This b----- makes me throw up!! #bestdressed #2013metgala @nicolerichie," with a photo of the socialite at the annual bash. Richie not only rocked a stunning white, form-fitting gown, but she matched her hair to her dress! Paired with a deep wine-colored lip, we agree with Rihanna that the Bride of Frankenstein look totally worked!

We just wonder what Rihanna says to people when she doesn't like their outfit. Our guess would be something to the tune of, "You look absolutely ravishing this fine evening #worstdressed #2013hotmessgala @whatwereyouthinking"

Of course, the 'Diamonds' singer's life is never without drama, especially when it comes to touring. Fans in Boston were rather peeved with Rihanna after she took the stage three hours late and without an opening act. The crowd reportedly booed while awaiting the Bajan singer's (un)fashionably late start, not to mention this concert had been rescheduled after the pop star was forced to cancel due to laryngitis.

Either RiRi is the least observant person in the world or she chose to ignore the controversy as she posted on her Instagram page, "#BOSTON I will never forget this night!!! I truly have deeper love for you now!!! Thank you for making it extra special!! #DWT." We're sure Beantown loves you too, Rihanna, but getting to your show on time is a common courtesy to fans who paid good money to see you live.

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