Rihanna is Down Under on tour, which made her Pacific Palisades home a prime target for a break-in. Would-be burglars tried to gain access and entry into the mansion this weekend.

According to TMZ, the intruders drove up the private road onto the property, which has a $12 million price tag. The wannabe burglars proceeded to walk into the backyard and tossed a chair through a sliding glass door.

The alarm was triggered, thus scaring the failed thieves away. They never entered the home.

The home is loaded with security cameras and RiRi (or her security detail) has a sense of humor, since there is a sign reading "Smile! You’re on camera" when visitors turn onto the private road to approach the home.

Authorities are still looking for the culprits.

Last February, someone else tried to enter the home but screwed up royally by entering a neighbor's crib instead. A man was found lurking on the roof in June.

The crib was also the target of a swatting prank -- remember that trend? Thankfully that wasteful nonsense has died down.

Even so, this property feels cursed and seems to be more accessible than it should be. It keeps getting creeped on.

Perhaps RiRi ought to put it on the market. Just a thought...