Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' video is everything the ultra sexy teaser photos she shared made it out to be. Rihanna's the queen and she's on the throne. But she's also a stripper. She twerks and she's ballin'. Move over, Miley Cyrus. This is how you shake that thang.

RiRi rocks them stripper heels and dollar bills, too. She's a gangsta queen, yo!

All the scenes bleed into one another and blend, focusing on the seedy, yet sexy underbelly of adult nightclub culture.

Before she dropped the video. RiRi shared even more racy photos from the video shoot. She got the Navy all hot and bothered with these images, where she wore pasties in lieu of a bra and in which she got the pole dancing lesson. Ooooh!

We thought the first batch of pictures were steamy, with RiRi wearing a white, finger-waved wig and nodding to sirens and legends of old, like Josephine Baker. These new shots? They ooze sex.

Rihanna rocked bejeweled pasties! Yes, you can see the nip outline.

The songstress showed off her newly acquired pole dancing skills. Quick! Someone, give her a dollar for her g-string.

Yeah, she was a quick learner.

Is Rihanna about to be doing a bootay bounce?