Rihanna flaunts her signature, fire-engine red long locks on the cover of the July 2011 issue of the female bible known as Cosmopolitan.

RiRi rocks a geometric, black and white print tube top and an armful of heavy artillery bracelets on her wrist, along with maroon-hued, dagger-like nails. She's also wearing a pair of drop earrings that graze her jawline, and she shows off her neck tattoo, which reads "Rebelle Fleur." RiRi, 23, has never, ever looked better.

RiRi's giving off that signature, bedroom-eyed stare, too, so prepare to melt in the summer heat when you catch a glimpse of this super sexy image. It'll make most red-blooded American males (and adventurous females, too boot) want to dive into a 'California King Bed' with her.

While this image is not as revealing as her Rolling Stone cover from earlier this year, it's just as visually arresting, in a totally different way. RiRi's more fashion-driven and fashion-forward on her Cosmo cover, and since she is becoming more and more recognized for her daring choices with her image, it's a nod to the ever-evolving style of this 'Good Girl Gone Bad.'

The magazine's cover headline reads: 'Rihanna Finally Reveals Her Deepest Feelings,' which makes us want to dive right into the cover story that accompanies the scorching pictorial! Burn, baby, burn. We're also interested what Cosmo deems as the best new juicy lip colors, too.

Watch the Rihanna 'California King Bed' Video