Rihanna's River Island collection may not have set the fashion world on fire on a couture level, but the street chic attire certainly got people talking. The fashion show in London last week was full of curious and excited fashion types and celebs anxious to get a look at RiRi's wares. Or wears.

"The girl who would wear it is full of personality, full of sass, but loves fashion," Rihanna says in the backstage interview footage, as she helps primp and prep the models, tossing their hair and fixing and adjusting the outfits on their bodies.

The PR rep for River Island said that Rihanna wants her fans to be able to dress like her and these sexy, figure-hugging pieces certainly allow for that.

The hair stylist for the show said that the line is supposed to be a mix of downtown '80s NYC and '90s-era London. He was certainly right on point with that assessment, since there were plenty of skin-showing, tight-fighting, Rihanna-like ensembles with a vintage edge.

We definitely thought the pieces looked straight out of Rihanna's closet, so her influence was felt far and wide in this set of clothes.

You can find out what the Saturdays and more thought about the line, as they were interviewed after the show.

RiRi closed out the behind-the-scenes footage saying that she's already designing for the fall collection and couldn't be more excited about it.