Sometimes when you go to see a pop star perform live in concert, you get more than you bargained for. Seems as though a lucky senior citizen in Rihanna's Barbados homeland was treated to a little somethin' somethin' by the pop diva. While the uber hot 'Man Down' singer was performing at her concert, she took an older man down!

This gray-haired sir in a crisp white shirt was the recipient of a scorching lap dance, courtesy of RiRi. She laid him on his back and straddled him, getting up in his business all the while wearing a black skimpy outfit. One thing is for sure, courtesy of the photographic evidence provided by VLAD TV. RiRi made Gramps' life with this action. It's good to see that she is an equal opportunity lap dancer, too. She could have easily selected a young buck from the crowd and have gyrated wildly with him, but she chose an elder statesmen. There's no room for ageism at Rihanna shows.

Most people probably left the concert that night with a ticket stub or a tee shirt as their souvenir. This fine gentleman left with the memory of Rihanna on his lap! We doubt he'll ever wash that shirt again. Hopefully his wife -- if he has one -- isn't too upset about this little dalliance. It was all in good fun, all in good fun.

Oh, and it's about time Rihanna ditched the Ronald McDonald/Raggedy Anne hair hue. She looks just as fiery with wild brown curls.