Rihanna continues to be a hair chameleon who rivals Katy Perry and Lady Gaga with the ability to change her hair color, length and texture faster than her undies! Her latest look? Extra long, thanks to extensions, and half-shaved sides.

So it's contradictory hair in that it's long and wavy and short and buzzed to the scalp at the same time. It's Ri's version of punk rock.

RiRi has been playing with the Skrillex hair for quite some time, showing off a shaved underside several times. She's also rocked her signature pixie for a bit.

Then she throws us for a loop rocking Rapunzel-like locks, as she did yesterday (Jan. 31) on her way from NYC to Los Angeles in the photo to the left. RiRi barely settles into one style before it's on to the next one.

One thing she's not changing every day? Her love for Chris Brown. The 'Diamonds' singer confirmed their relationship to Rolling Stone in her new cover story, on stands now, admitting that she doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks about her decision to reunite with the man who famously beat her in 2009. If it's a mistake, it's hers to make.

Notice, though, she wears her hair in the same style on the new cover as she does on this airport run.

PopCrushers and RiRi Navy, what do you guys think of Rihanna's newest 'do? Do you like it long and shaved or do you prefer it short and pixie-style?

Watch the Rihanna 'Diamonds' Video