Rihanna debuted a new short 'do at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards!

The starlet had been sporting a Skrillex-style cut for a while -- shaved on one side with long, cascading jet black waves on the rest. As fierce as she is, she owned the look, which isn't an easy one to pull off. Now, she's shorn off all of the length, leaving just a short pixie behind, complemented by red lipstick and a white dress that reminds us of one of her 'Battleship' premiere gowns. It reminds us a bit of Miley Cyrus meets Angela Basset's post-breakup do in 'Waiting to Exhale.' And based on Rihanna's most recent tweets, it sounds like she, too, is cutting someone or something out of her hair. Take a gander at this Instagram text she posted this week:

There had been speculation leading up to the awards show as to whether there would be drama with Rihanna's exes, Chris Brown and Drake, who notoriously got into a bottle fight at a nightclub -- supposedly over the 'Where Have You Been' singer.

What do you think of Rihanna's new hair? We're on the fence about it until we get better looks at it, but with her bone structure and eye color, RiRi can pull off anything she pleases. We're just not sure if this is our favorite look for her.