While many women embrace single life -- especially when you're young, hot and successful -- Rihanna is not one of them.

In an interview with Jonathan Ross (quotes via PEOPLE), Rihanna reveals she hates being unattached. "Single life is so overrated," she griped. "It sucks. I have such incredible experiences in my life. You don't want to live your life and then meet someone. You want to share your life with someone. That's what I'm missing right now."

So what kind of man would it take to get RiRi to settle down? Though she insists that she's "not looking," she admits she'd "love to date somebody cool, fun, funny."

The 'We Found Love' singer has no problem attracting male attention, though, so don't feel too bad for her. A source told PEOPLE that during her recent trip to London, “Rihanna came into the club last Sunday and a stockbroker spent [$105,000] on champagne, just so he could meet her." Smooth move! Did it work?

Sort of. The source said, “It worked too, as he went over and said hello soon after. But I don’t think he’ll be getting any friendship from Rihanna out of it, put it that way. She politely spoke to him but that was about it."

Sounds like since she's not looking but hates being single, she may be waiting around for a certain Chris Brown. Hey, we can't really blame her. Between her 'Birthday Cake' and his soul food dinners, at the very least you know the pair would eat well.