Rihanna's video for her emotionally naked, sonically spare and incredibly haunting power ballad 'Stay' features the singer with a makeup-free face and a naked body as she sits in a tub, soaking and thinking. She doesn't sing. She makes eye contact a few times, but for the most part, it's RiRi lost in deep thought.

It's the bling in her ears, the tattoos on her neck and the lump in her throat that we focus on. It's the rings on her fingers and the long nails without any lacquer that we pay attention to.

Ri's topless, but that's because she's in the tub, so it's purposeful nudity.

Thinking. Ruminating. Musing. There's pain in her eyes. There is almost a nip slip, too. She sings for a brief second and looks like she is going to burst into tears at the end.

The camera is in her grill -- it's almost too close, but it's tight, personal and intimate. It's the most vulnerable we've ever seen her.

That had to be he world's easiest video shoot, though. Sit in a tub. Emote. Shoot. That's a wrap.