Rihanna has been accused of creative thievery before -- her 'S&M,' 'We Found Love' and 'You Da One' videos came under fire for looking awfully similar to the work of other photographers -- and now she's being accused of stealing the hook for her song 'Man Down.'

Australian comedy duo and radio hosts Hamish & Andy welcomed RiRi onto their show during her recent trip down under and exposed her stolen hook for the hit track. The funnymen played a clip from her last visit to their studio that was pretty damning.

"If you think of a tune, and you're sort of humming something in the morning, do you call Jay-Z immediately and say, 'How about this? Ra pa pa pom pa pa pom pa pa pom?'" Hamish & Andy asked the 'We Found Love' singer in the old audio. "By the way, if we hear 'ra pa pa pom pa pa pom pa pa pom' in one of your songs, we're going to know where you got it from!" they said. Rihanna laughed, "I won't do that to you."

It looks like she lied, and she knows it -- when the duo plays the audio for the superstar, she covers her face and sheepishly laughs, "'Man Down!' I did it. I broke my promise."

Rihanna laughs hysterically as they play her own song for her. "That is so funny," she says, with one of her hosts chiming in, "Also listed on the class action is 'Little Drummer Boy.'"

When asked how she'd like to defend herself, the Bajan beauty replied, "I need a lawyer."

Check out Hamish & Andy's proposed collaboration and the video of Rihanna getting busted below!

Watch Hamish & Andy Interview Rihanna