Rihanna is at the center of another lawsuit, although in this case she's the one doing the suing and not the other way around. The 'Umbrella' singer is suing Prudential California Reality and several companies that designed and inspected the home she purchased for nearly $7 million in 2009. She claims that there are so many problems with the abode that she cannot reside in it.

The Huffington Post reports that RiRi deemed the home uninhabitable due to structural defects. For example, after a rain storm in early 2010, water leaked into several rooms in the dwelling because of a balcony which lacked the proper slope. The water damage rendered the home unfit for living. That must have been quite a bit of damage.

RiRi also fingers Landmark Design Group in her suit. The company remodeled the home and has failed to make the proper repairs, according to the filing.

It's been a litigious year for the singer. She is being sued by photographer David LaChapelle who claims the singer's ultra sexy 'S&M' video lifts its concept and its visuals directly from his work and that's a copyright no-no. He even claims to be a RiRi fan and that the suit is just business.

RiRi's legal eagles are working overtime.