Time for a Facebook status update! Congrats to Rihanna. While she may not be 'The Only Girl (In the World),' she is the most popular. RiRi cruised past Lady Gaga as the female artist with the most fans on Facebook.

Famecount alerted pop culture watchers that Rihanna now counts 40,609,378 fans on Facebook, while Gaga only has 40,572,630. While RiRi can enjoy her newfound status as the Queen of Facebook, the gap between herself and Gaga is narrow and Gaga could close it on the quick. You know how loyal those little monsters are. Rihanna chased Gaga for a bit and now she can enjoy the title!

While RiRi is the most popular female on Facebook, she is not the most popular person. Her 'Love the Way You Lie' duet partner Eminem is the most popular person overall on the site. He has over 43.3 million fans, which is a much larger margin than the one between RiRi and Gaga.

Despite losing her Facebook crown to RiRi, Gaga's domination of Twitter is not likely to change. Gaga has 11.6 million followers, compared to Rihanna's paltry-by-comparison 6.1 million followers.

The 'Man Down' singer did acknowledge her usurping of the Facebook crown, posting a short but sweet status update: "40 mil! 1 LOVE #RihannaNavy."

Congrats again to Rihanna for gaining ground and passing Lady Gaga on Facebook.

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