You can say a lot of things about Rihanna, but you surely can't say that she doesn't love and appreciate her most devoted fans (or her Navy, as she calls them). One of her biggest fans got the surprise of a lifetime after she won a contest to attend the launch of RiRi's line at River Island.

The lucky fan, Maneira, was in the dressing room trying on some of Rihanna's duds when the singer crept quietly to appear on the other side of the door when Maniera came out to show off her dress. And what do you know, she materialized wearing the same black dress as the 'We Found Love' singer!

Maneira was obviously shocked when she realized it was the real Rihanna positioned on the other side of the door. RiRi remarked to her ecstatic fan, "Congratulations. How do you feel to be the first person in the world, except for me, to wear one of these dresses?" To which Maneira replied, "It's beautiful and you're beautiful as well! I'm just in shock!"

Perhaps the coolest part of this chance meeting is that Rihanna gifted Maneira the gorgeous open-backed black dress, which retails for $150. Lucky girl!

Maneira summed up her epic night as  any huge fan who just met their idol would, "This is like one of the best evenings! This is like the best start to 2013! I can't wait for the rest of the year!"