There's not a moment's rest in between albums for Rihanna. The singer released two behind-the-scenes videos, titled 'The Road to Talk That Talk Part 1' and 'The Road to Talk That Talk Part 2' via Who Say. They're lengthy, not quite linear and we're voyeurs. If you have about an hour, then watch these clips, as they certainly put drop you smack dab in the middle of Planet RiRi while she tours, records, sees her family and poses during a smoking hot (literally) photo shoot.We go backstage on the last day of her Loud tour in Beantown in the first min-film, which is 20 minutes long. It really offers up a taste of what it's like to be on the road with RiRi, as one chapter of her career closes and she's immediately on to writing another in the form of 'Talk That Talk.'

We see her with engage in a prayer circle with her dancers and tour crew, putting on makeup before taking the stage and pranks that are played because it is the last night of an epic tour. We especially like the 'S&M' pillow fight that comes about six minutes in. This is a such a cute and light-hearted look at life on the road with RiRi.

The footage then takes us to the studio, as RiRi tracks vocals for 'Talk That Talk.' She then jets off to her native Barbados and is talking on the phone to her "Mommy." It's a look at Rihanna the daughter and family member, as opposed to massive pop star.

Part 2, which is also just about 20 minutes in length, finds RiRi relaxing in a swimming pool and then with her bestie Katy Perry in London, calling each other "the s---." Then we follow her during the 'Talk That Talk' photo shoot, for those sexy photos she posed for. She also discusses her fans.

There is tons going on in these videos, so if you want to get to know the pop princess better, get to watching.

Watch 'The Road to Talk That Talk' Part I

Watch 'The Road to Talk That Talk' Part II