With a title like 'Talk That Talk,' it's only natural that rumors would spark about Rihanna's new record. Last month, speculation about the track list spawned -- but now we snagged the real deal.

While the original track list included much more risque titles ('Head' and 'Blunts Rolled' come to mind), the updated listing for 'Talk That Talk' isn't as R-rated. Idolator reports that the official track list contains songs like 'You're Da One,' 'Birthday Cake,' and 'Farewell.'

With the help of some awesome collaborators and a hit lead single with 'We Found Love,' Rihanna is likely well on her way to shattering more chart records with this album.

The newly tame track list doesn't quite match Rihanna's choice of album art, which was grittier, but it probably will help her sell more records. 'Talk That Talk' hits shelves on Nov. 21, so if mom wants it for a stocking stuffer, she'll be more inclined to pick it up if it doesn't have songs about marijuana so blatantly listed!

'Talk That Talk' Standard Edition Track List:
1. 'You Da One'
2. 'Where Have You Been'
3. 'We Found Love'
4. 'Talk That Talk'
5. 'Cockiness (Love It)'
6. 'Birthday Cake'
7. 'We All Want Love'
8. 'Drunk on Love'
9. 'Roc Me Out'
10. 'Watch n’ Learn'
11. 'Farewell'

'Talk That Talk' Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
12. 'Red Lipstick'
13. 'Do Ya Thing'
14. 'Fool In Love'