With the Nov. 21 release date for her sixth disc 'Talk That Talk' creeping up on us, Rihanna has shared an early set promo shots from the album -- and we're issuing a fair warning: they are so hot they took our breath away. RiRi has that effect on us, and it's likely she'll have the same effect on you, if you have blood coursing through your veins!

The color shot sees RiRi climbing the stairway to heaven, dressed in a strappy red and white striped top and a black and white striped, loose-fitting skirt with punk rock military boots. RiRi mixes two different styles and comes up with her own unique look. Those va-va-voom, fire engine red lips certainly quicken the pulse, too.

The black and white image finds the 'We Found Love' singer with pointed, dagger-like nails -- her fellow pop divas Adele and Lady Gaga seem to favor this dangerous look as of late. Ri's hair is slicked back and ticked under a black cap, with only a sliver of her bangs hanging out. She pairs the hat with a black blazer for a complete menswear look, but only RiRi could make such a masculine outfit look damn sexy. She gives off that Old Hollywood glam vibe, too.

Who are we kidding, though? RiRi could wear a burlap sack and look absolutely stunning. She's genetically blessed. Doesn't hurt that she's actually talented, to boot.

What do you guys think? Which is your preferred shot? Do you like RiRi in living color or does the smoldering, come-hither stare in the black and white shot make your knees buckle?