Rick Ross has unveiled a remix of 'Talk That Talk' in which he joins Rihanna and Jay-Z on the title track from RiRi's latest album.

Ross inserts himself right off the top, taking the first verse, in which he spits, "I hop out the BM, I park right next to young Hov / Took a page out the Bible, I’m rockin' all yellow gold / Face to face with my rivals, these haters praying I fold." He continues, "We dominate the streets / That's cause we grind the most, ya know?"

The ‘Talk That Talk’ remix is pretty much the same as the album version we already love, featuring computerized beats courtesy of Stargate and suggestive lyrics from its performers, like when Jay-Z raps, "I sell out arenas, I call that getting dome."

Ross' new verse and his sporadic barks and grunts add another layer of character to the track. Perhaps the new 'Talk That Talk' will surface on the rapper's next mixtape.

Listen to Rihanna, 'Talk That Talk' Remix Feat. Jay-Z + Rick Ross