Rihanna is becoming known as much for taking hits as she is for making them. At a post-Grammy party, she had some hard rocking company inhaling with her: Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. DJ Diplo revealed the post-Grammy puff and pass on his Twitter, writing, "smokin a doobie at the folkways records afterparty with rihanna and dave grohl #nirhana #Rivana."

It's not the first time RiRi's token for toking has been made public. Last month, the 'We Found Love' singer herself took to her own Twitter to quote her pal and former paramour Drake's enthusiasm for cannabis. She wrote, “Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!” Rihanna was also photographed smoking a handrolled cigarette on her Hawaiian vacay, and she was spotted in a cannabis shop in Amsterdam last fall.

Unfortunately, Rihanna's habits may be hurting her. Her vocals in her 2012 Grammy performance were less than stellar, and she disappointed many U.K. and Swedish fans with her winter European tour. Rihanna’s doctors warned her to party less in the past, so this may not be a smart move for her. While we’re happy to see she’s enjoying herself, smoking can't be good for her health -- or for her voice!