We'd have been shocked if the image of Rihanna on her promotional poster for her upcoming Diamonds tour was anything other than a shot of the singer topless. RiRi has a real aversion to things like bras and shirts when the camera is on her, so why should her tour poster be any different? Um, hello! Rihanna's girls are becoming more and more familiar with each shirt-free image she shares.

The tour poster, which she tweeted, is similar to her 'Unapologetic' album cover, and the Bajan beauty's body is used effectively to get the message across. We're talking about things like her opening act.

'Diamonds World Tour' is written in script on the underside of her arm, while she lets everyone know that rapper A$AP Rocky is her special guest with a strategically placed badge over her breast. That's clever graphic design, people.

Her boob tattoo is also on full display. It's certainly a striking piece but we're wondering if she might consider it a bad decision a few years from now. You never know.

Ri's lips are painted a deep shade of wine, topping off what adds up to an exotic and sultry image.

Okay, we have to ask what feels like a rhetorical question: Is all this toplessness too much?

Watch the Rihanna 'Diamonds' Video