Rihanna goes topless on the July cover of the U.K. edition of Esquire. A topless RiRi? That's pretty standard. Photo shoots, mag covers, dinners, you name it. 

Doesn't her golden skin look soft as silk? It's probably a mix of lighting and a sheen-imparting moisturizer. Her skin also looks a bit lighter than in this cover shot, which is accompanied by a "Rihanna Will Not Be Censored" cover tag.

It's no surprise to any pop music watcher that RiRi gets off on stripping down. Remember, she wore little more than some strategically placed leaves on her U.S. Esquire cover. At this point, if Rihanna appeared on a magazine cover hiding her skin, we'd be thrown for a loop.

The 'Where Have You Been' singer posed for the military-themed in February in Dalston, East London. Even though she's wearing a net bra with one smartly placed panel, she toughens the look up with a cap in those shots.

The July issue drops June 4. Grab an import copy, boys. These photos are too hot to admire from a far. Also, check the vid below, which features scenes from the shoot set to 'Where Have You Been.'

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Rihanna's Esquire U.K. Cover Shoot