Remember when Rihanna was filming her 'We Found Love' video in Ireland in 2011 and her topless antics pissed off an Irish farmer? Well, the good people of the country are still offended by her penchant for dropping her top.

Apparently, someone in Dublin "defaced" a poster from RiRi's Diamonds tour, where she is topless and covering her twins with her strategically placed arm. Rather than use spray paint to cover up her boobies or attempt to rip the billboard down, someone had the good sense to cover them up with a strapless purple top. It's a different type of censorship. But something tells us Rihanna, who is a fashionista, would never wear that dark purple velvet sheath.

A passerby tweeted a shot of the altered image, posting: "Somebody has stapled a dress on to this Rihanna poster on Church St. Well done, you complete nutcase."

It must've been a complete nutcase with some standards when it comes to attire.

The poster borrows from the photo shoot for the 'Unapologetic' cover.

The Rihanna Navy is used to seeing the singer topless. Her Instagram feed is never short on a shirt-free shot. But not everyone wants to see that. Clearly, there's a contingent in Ireland that doesn't.