Rihanna has won a legal battle against British retailer, Topshop, for selling a t-shirt that had her image on it without her consent.

The case is a particularly interesting one because, according to Marie Claire, celebrities do not have nearly as much control over the way their images are used in the UK. What helped Rihanna win her case is the idea that Topshop made it seem like the t-shirt was being endorsed by the singer herself, which is not allowed by law.

Rihanna first sued their parent company, Arcadia, in 2013 over the t-shirts that had a photo reportedly taken by a paparazzo during one of her video shoots. She made the case that she did not consent to the photograph being taken, and thereby did not want it portrayed on clothing. Topshop later appealed the ruling, to no avail. A judge maintained today (Jan. 22) that the decision made in 2013 would still stand. The only way Topshop can continue to sell the shirt bearing Rihanna's image is if they make it clear that is an unauthorized product.

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