Saturday Night Live closed out their 40th season on a high note by having Rihanna return to the 30 Rock stage with her latest hits, "Bitch Better Have My Money" and "American Oxygen."

While the SNL stage isn't normally meant for the theatrics of a pop performance, Rihanna managed to dodge all of those obstacles and turn the set into police car chase through the city. Considering this is her fifth time around the SNL block, she was a pro at navigating that stage.

With the lights turned blue, the camera focused on RiRi, who's behind the wheel with her mic. And as the song goes on, you start to notice that behind her is a woman who's tied up and probably owes her that money. After the first chorus, the car props are taken away, along with the hostage, and Rihanna is joined by her backup dancers. In a full denim look complete with handkerchief around her head, this is a complete 180 from the couture glam she recently had at the Met Gala. But we love it just the same.

What made this performance more powerful was just the sheer confidence that Rihanna had commanding the stage. She was the tough girl you shouldn't mess with. And although she is actually one sweet lady, she embodied the persona so effortlessly.

Rihanna performed "American Oxygen" next. Keeping the head scarf on, she replaced the denim with leather and fringe. She also went for a straightforward, no-frills set. Inspired by the actual video for this song, Rihanna was walled in by large screens that showed different clips of American history -- from the achievements and its pitfalls. Produced by Kanye West, "American Oxygen" is a ballad that looks at the struggles trying to achieve the American Dream. And Rihanna couldn't have presented it better than by showing everyone how far we've come and where we've had our missteps. Sure, SNL is known for making you laugh, but it also makes you think. And Rihanna's performance of this song did just that. See the full performance of "American Oxygen" below.

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