Rihanna's 'Unapologetic' album is out in less than two weeks, but she only JUST finished the record. While that may be cutting it close, RiRi got it done and celebrated by sharing a photo of her bangin' bod in a tan bikini.

Ri looks as good as she ever has, and that tattoo she got under her boobies is on full display. It looks so badass now that it's healed and is a familiar image to the Navy.

We like Rihanna with the dark, natural hair that she's sporting here, too. It pairs nicely with her neutral hued swimsuit.

Must be nice to wrap an album by hanging out by the water, as Ri is.

She tweeted: "We havin a celebration.... WE HAVE AN ALBUM!!! #UNAPOLOGETIC."

Amen sister!

Then she revealed a little more info, about how she wanted to let loose now that the album is finito.

She tweeted: "Man my album is complete, and I need a f---ing drink and a roll up! It was quite the journey, but it's all part of our story!"

So have a bevvie, do ya thing and celebrate, RiRi! You release an album a year, so you are always working. You deserve to enjoy yourself.

Check out the full, updated track listing for 'Unapologetic' here, which includes features by Chris Brown, Eminem and Future.

And if this bikini pic of RiRi doesn't get your blood flowing, remember the post-Halloween topless pic that she shared.

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