Rihanna works quick, yo! The singer turned in her seventh album 'Unapologetic,' which dropped on Nov. 19, only 13 days before release. That's cutting it close, when you factor in production and promotion endeavors related to the release.

The singer also releases an album every November, a fact that is as certain as death and taxes. But the question remains: Will 'Unapologetic' debut at No. 1, marking her first time topping the CD sales leaderboard?

"We had our songs ready way beforehand, but we never stop recording," Roc Nation CEO Jay Brown told Billboard about the recording schedule. "If we can record a month later, two months later, all the way to Nov. 6, we're never going to stop until that date. We're never content."

Brown also feels that the plan to release an album per year is not a novel construct in the music industry. "We're not creating nothing new," Brown said, pointing out that acts like Frank Sinatra employed the same strategy.

It's just that RiRi is prolific. "She's always making music, because she loves it. So the strategy starts as soon as we get the idea for the next album. Are we going to release another album next year? I don't know. But it's just a natural thing for her. She'll say, 'I'm going to do a record,' and the next thing I do is focus on going on tour."

RiRi is a girl who knows what she wants.

She also was not interviewed for her Billboard cover story. That's how big RiRi is. She can cover a magazine and not even be quoted in the accompanying feature.

BTW, her label also said that her Chris Brown duet 'Nobody's Business' is a strong contender for a single. Maybe then those two will admit they are a couple. Maybe?

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