Rihanna is prepping for the release of her new album, 'Talk That Talk,' and in a new promo video, her vocal coach explains how the singer gets ready for a show.

Fans get to see backstage footage of RiRi in Oslo, Norway; Long Island, N.Y.; and Atlanta, Ga. where she has virtual warm-up sessions with her vocal guru. According to Stevenson, the pop star takes the time to work her vocal chords for about five to 20 minutes before hitting the stage on any given night.

"[I] stretch her voice out so she can sing her heart out on stage," he says in the clip. "It's just like any professional athlete. For a basketball player to get on the basketball court and play in a game against other professional athletes, you get out there and warm up -- shoot about a thousand jumpers, do a couple lay-ups, some dunks. That's all I'm doing with Ri tonight -- stretching that voice out so when she gets out there and sings, she can give it all she's got."

The new video is part of Rihanna's 'Countdown to Talk That Talk' series in which she offers exclusive looks at her life on and off the stage. The singer's highly anticipated new album will be available in stores on Nov. 21.

Watch Rihanna Do Vocal Warm-Ups Backstage