Certain themes like falling in love and following your dreams are common in pop music. However, we found one occasion that our favorite starlets seem to love celebrating: Birthdays! Rihanna, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez all have tracks based around their days of birthday. Which of these "birthday" songs is best?

Rihanna can make an innuendo out of anything -- including cake. In her song 'Birthday Cake,' RiRi rhythmically chants about wanting her honey to, uh, enjoy the dessert. Per every one of Rihanna's hits, 'Birthday Cake' is extremely catchy, if not a little overt.

Katy Perry goes retro with 'Birthday,' a track off of her new album, 'Prism.' The upbeat song is as seductive as the singer herself. As one of the PopCrush staff eloquently remarked, "Perry’s signature sass comes not when she sings about birthday cake but about getting you in your birthday suit."

Like Rihanna and Katy, Selena is all about celebrating -- even when it's not her b-day! 'Birthday,' off of her 'Stars Dance' album, embraces going out and having a good time. The dance track may not be as provocative as Rihanna's or as bubbly as Katy's, but it's the perfect song for cutting loose.

Which "birthday" song do you like the best? Vote for your favorite below!

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