Rihanna gets hot and heavy with co-star Dudley O'Shaughnessy, a British boxer cum model, in her 'We Found Love' video. In fact, their chemistry is so believable and electric that rumors of coupledom have spilled over into real life. But not so fast all you pop culture watchers dying to throw a "New Couple Alert" tag on RiRi and Dudley.

The Boombox reports that O'Shaughnessy's acting skills may be award-worthy, since Google searches conducted on his name return results indicating that he is gay. Go ahead and type "Dudley O'Shaughnessy" into the search box and the word "gay" will autofill. It's certainly not "concrete" evidence, but it's food for thought.

O'Shaughnessy did recently affirm his status as a singleton to The Evening Standard, saying, "It's not that I'm looking [for a girlfriend] ... I don't want to say I want a girlfriend or I don't. If it happens, it happens."

Hmm. His response non-committal enough to arouse curiosity about the matter. Then again, his status and orientation are his business. He's just been thrust into the spotlight due to his steamy, sexy, onscreen sessions with one of pop music's reigning princesses and therefore personal details are under a microscope.

RiRi reportedly picked O'Shaughnessy to star opposite of her in the video. She supposedly told The Sun that "I met him and I was like let's f---ing kiss and ... You know what I mean. We had to pretend how to fake f---." Well, yeah.

The fake f---ing certainly looked real enough to start a whole mess of  "Are they or aren't they?" dating rumors. Now we're wondering if he's that good of an actor!