After all the controversy surrounding Rihanna's 'We Found Love' video shoot in Northern Ireland, when locals complained that she showed too much skin, the songstress kept things (mostly) tame on the U.K. edition of 'X Factor' over the weekend.

RiRi wore a sleeveless schoolgirl dress and began the song sitting atop an upside-down giant hair dryer, in front of a video screen displaying images of innocent items like goldfish and toothpaste. She and her crew danced around and headed into the crowd during the synth buildups between verses.

Rihanna didn't totally clean things up, though. Some audience members noticed that her shoes were scrawled with a number of phrases, one of which was "F--- off." An 'X Factor' spokesperson said, "There were no close up shots of Rihanna's shoes. We believe the performance was suitable."

The visuals of the performance were more interesting than the audio, which had a karaoke feel to it, as Rihanna merely sang over her own studio recording of the song, as she did during her appearance on the American 'X Factor' last week. 'We Found Love' is currently No. 1 on both sides of the Atlantic.

Watch Rihanna Perform 'We Found Love' on U.K. 'X Factor'