Rihanna is a primitive, tribal goddess in the video for 'Where Have You Been.' The vid opens with the sexy singer submerged in water, up to her eyeballs, literally. She is staring at us like a concealed predator at the top of the food chain, about to strike. And that's how it is throughout the entire video. The singer is a dominant warrior princess who likes to dance and cavort in natural settings. A lot.

This is one of RiRi's most dance-centric videos. The scene quickly moves from water to land, as she grooves in red harem pants, while surrounded by male tribesmen -- who dance just as furiously in the sand. There's even some fire. Clearly, the elements factor prominently into 'Where Have You Been.'

The scene shifts inside, to a dark, club-like place. Ri's rocking big, bold, natural curls and winged eyebrows. Lookout. She may start a trend at brow salons with those things. RiRi shows lots of skin, too. There are lots of scenes where she is alone in the jungle and singing.

The pacing is frenetic and the shots blast on screen quickly. It's largely focused on the choreography and not much plot, but you get the point that RiRi is taking it back to nature. About three minutes in, during a dance sequence, her hands hang around her crotch quite a bit. We don't think that was accidental!

The video is a mix of RiRi looking hot and dancing. It wasn't thrilling or heavy on plot like her previous over-sexed and controversial videos, but it gets the job done and then some. Overall, the video is tame by Rihanna standards, since she is known for getting down and dirty for all her fans to see. She pulls the reigns back a little bit here, but it's not G-rated, either.

She disappears at the end, submerged in the water like an aquatic creature.

Watch the Rihanna 'Where Have You Been' Video