It looks like Rihanna's brother Rorrey Fenty is serious about his rap career. We first got wind of his lyrical aspirations in September when he teamed up with rapper Teff Mayweather on a track called 'Army.' Now he's back with a solo joint titled 'Feel Me.'

The 21-year-old budding rhyme-slinger, who goes under the rap alias GQ, flips a laid-back flow on the dubstep-sounding track. "I hoping that y'all are feeling me like a masseuse / 'Cause I'm real like the news," he raps. Near the end of the track, GQ tries his hand at singing through Auto-Tune with the repetitive chant, "I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me."

Overall, it's not a bad song, but we don't think he's ready for the big leagues just yet. However, with a little bit more development, he could follow behind the footsteps of a J. Cole or Nas. It also doesn't hurt that his sister is the biggest artist in the world. Who knows, RiRi and GQ might have a collaborative song in the works.

Take a listen and tell us what do you think of the song. Are you feeling GQ (aka Rihanna's brother)?