Rihanna arrived fashionably late to the Met costume Gala last night (May 7), not because of any sort of wardrobe malfunction, but because of her dagger-like nails. RiRi arrived after the red carpet closed and blamed her tardiness on her digits.

RiRi showed up wearing a long-sleeved, alligator skin, curve accenting frock by Tom Ford. She was completely covered up, which is uncommon for her, but she didn't sacrifice one iota of sexiness. According to The Los Angeles Times, the 'Where Have You Been' beauty confessed, "The dressing part was easy. My nails took forever. They're like claws."

Claws? That's an understatement, Ri. Those things look like weapons.

The Bajan singer must have had some assistance getting into her gown, since it's hard to maneuver with such sharp "claws," to use her terminology. How do you unbutton or unzip something with such long and pointed nails?

Oh the price of fashion! Form over function most certainly rules in this case. We gotta say that RiRi looked banging regardless of her red carpet timing. We were left wondering how she walked in that constricting dress, though!