The French may pride themselves on being fluent in the language of love, but they have their limits when it comes to just how much sexy they're willing to allow on their airwaves -- as Rihanna recently discovered after the French government banned her latest video, 'We Found Love.'

Citing "pronounced suggestive" content, specifically scenes depicting drugs, alcohol, "domestic violence," and overall "self-destructive" behavior, the powerful-sounding Supreme Council of Audiovisual of France has issued an edict preventing the clip from being aired on television before 10PM.

It's just the latest in a series of controversies surrounding the boundary-pushing pop star, who raised the ire of an Irish farmer while filming the 'We Found Love' video on his property. As the Irish Herald points out, her upcoming appearance on 'The X Factor' comes several months after her scantily clad performance on the show drew thousands of complaints from "outraged parents."

As the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity, and all this attention can only help the first-week sales figures of Rihanna's new album 'Talk That Talk,' which debuts today (Nov. 21) and has already followed the hit 'We Found Love' with a new single, 'You Da One.' Is there any doubt it'll end up at No. 1 when the charts are released next week?