It's hard to remember a time when there wasn't something related to One Direction or any of its members trending on Twitter, but this just might be the most shocking hashtag we've seen from the band's ravenous fans.

#RIPHarryStyles became a Twitter trending topic on Thursday (April 2) and like most things related to One Direction, the hashtag spread like wildfire. For the record, Harry Styles is very much alive and well.

The tweets likely started after The British Legion launched a series of powerful posters to mourn the loss of World War I veterans. In order to make a statement, the campaign, called "Every Man Remembered," uses Harry Styles' name over the dates 1893–1915. Confusingly enough, the first time they tweeted the image was in August 2014.

Unfortunately, some Twitter users took Thursday's trend a step too far and to some very disturbing places, tweeting nasty jokes such as, "#RIPHarryStyles can't believe he died of blood loss after an anal rupture" and "Harry hung himself at a nearby park after getting in a fight with his girlfriend Kendall Jenner! #RIPHarryStyles."

But another member of the fandom summed up the day's events pretty perfectly: "Whenever i see stuff like "RIP Harry Styles" I just know that the fandom is bored ahhaha #RIPHarryStyles <3."

This isn't the first time One Direction hashtags took a weird turn. Just two weeks ago, Twitter spawned several crazy hashtags in response to Zayn Malik's announcement that he was leaving One Direction. We rounded up the biggest ones here.

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