Pop newcomer Rita Ora has a fierce style that matches her smoky voice. Now we get a closer look on how the 'Party (How We Do)' singer puts her urban rockstar look together.

"My look doesn't really have any boundaries," said Ora, donning a taupe hat covered in patches, colorful printed leggings, chunky heels and an oversized gray tee. "I kind of just wear what I want."

Fair enough. So what does Ora want to wear? "I like colors, I love fabrics," she said. "I love mixing high [fashion] with things no one would expect. I'm a very big fan of high fashion clothes, but I am from the streets, so I have an influence of that."

We then get to see Ora dolled up and down in various ensembles, including a brief shot of her wearing the same "PEACE" bralette from TopShop that Rihanna sported at Coachella. Ora and her stylist bicker like brother and sister, and Ora revealed they argue the most often about shoes. "I would 100 percent wear trainers," Ora said ("trainers" is British slang for sneakers!). "We fight and our main fight is to put the heels on. I'm like, 'Nooo! Put the flats on!'"

Ora said that the reason she tries to be lax with clothes is because of her signature red lips and heavy lashes. "I love my hair and makeup so much that I feel like being effortless with the clothes kind of matches and balances it out."

Soon we see another reason why Ora may be against heels -- she's clumsy! That's the price of beauty, Ms. Ora. Get used to it! Watch the clip below to see the starlet stumble, as well as her fun banter with her stylist and to find out her thoughts on accessorizing.

Watch the Rita Ora 'Stylized' Video