Rita Ora successfully deflected a request to properly cover the record-breaking "Hello" earlier today (November 10), and it's a move we understand, even if we hate the method behind it. Performing a true cover might have invited comparisons to Adele's mammoth vocal talents, and no one wants to go voice-to-voice with Adele when it comes to singing. So Rita sang the song in gibberish instead. Amazing!

Rita and drum-and-bass duo Sigma are currently doing the promo rounds for their collaborative effort "Coming Home." During a stop at the Captial FM offices, they played a round of mini-karaoke, where the participants are asked to sing a few bars from a current hit song or two, all of which are selected at random. First up was Drake's "Hotline Bling," which the trio took on eagerly.

But when faced with Adele's "Hello," the three grew quiet and panicked. Rita even said, "I don't know if, as vocalists, we wanna take this on."

Instead, she decides to "rap it in a different language." What she actually does hardly constitutes "rapping," so much as it is singing along to the track's vocal melody in a made-up language.

Truth be told, Rita is a perfectly capable vocalist and probably could've done "Hello" some kind of justice had she sung the actual lyrics, but the fear involved in covering Adele was ultimately too great.

Watch the video above to see Rita give "Hello" her all in a totally made-up language.

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