What's your earliest childhood memory? A hug from a parent? The glow of a decorated fir on Christmas morning? Cool, Rita Ora's is thinking she was going to be dragged to hell by phantoms.

In an interview with The Guardian published on Saturday (August 22), the "Body on Me" singer bared her soul in a series of answers to quickfire questions, and admitted her brain's point of origin is a childhood game gone awry in a graveyard (BEEN THERE!).

"[My earliest memory is] playing hide and seek in a cemetery in Earl’s Court when I was seven—no one found me and I thought I was going to get stolen by ghosts," she said before whispering they'll never take me alive into an amethyst amulet (haha jk about that last part, but maybe...).

The topic of death has never sat particularly well with Ora, who explained she's suffered from a fear of dying for years.

"Death is my biggest phobia," Ora confessed. "I used to have panic attacks when I was little, saying, 'Mum, I don’t want to die.' I’ve been to therapy and still try to go every week."

Also, the "Poison" singer shared that given the chance, she'd go back in time to prevent the wars in Kosovo —perhaps because she's a pacifist, or perhaps because war leads to death, and death ultimately leads to ghosts (allegedly).

Surprised to hear Rita's been so debilitated by her anxiety? Have you ever poured a perfect salt-circle around yourself as a means to shield your immortal soul from demons? What's it like? Sound off in the comments below.

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