Anyone who's taken some kind of interest in entertainment journalism is probably aware that celebrities often present their interviewers with a list of subjects and questions that are off limits. We hope Rita Ora's publicist clues her in on this soon, so she doesn't have to answer any more questions about her ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris — unless it's cathartic for her, in which case we understand and encourage it (to a point).

According to an interview she did with Marie Claire, Ora is at least experiencing some newfound musical freedom now that she and Harris aren't together. She said, "There was a reason why I split up with him. And there was a reason why I'm at this point in my life where I feel like I have so much musical freedom, and I don't have to explain myself to anybody…"

Harris officially confirmed their breakup on Twitter last year, writing, "To address speculation - myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best" -- a tweet indicative of an amicable breakup between the two. But things turned publicly nasty a few months later when Ora was forced to cancel an awards show performance just days before filming was to take place, all because of Harris.

Ora went on to say that Harris' decision to block her 2014 Teen Choice Awards performance of her then-single, "I Will Never Let You Down," which was written and produced by Harris, was sudden and unexpected. "It was more of a thing where I was in awe. I was at that point in my relationship where I felt he could do no wrong. I thought he had my back and that he'd never steer me wrong. But then "I Will Never Let You Down" came out, and everything started to go a bit weird. I don't know if it was because business was mixed with personal or what."

Harris is now (most likely) dating Taylor Swift, and Ora has a new single out called "Poison," (which wasn't written by Harris) so hopefully they've both moved on.

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