It looks as though Roc Nation's newest it girl Rita Ora will be staying around for a little while. This girl has been everywhere lately!

Most recently, Ora has been on quite the covers streak. First there was The Throne's 'No Church in the Wild,' and now she's back with a cover of Gotye's chart-topping hit 'Somebody That I Used to Know.'

She performed the cover at the Gramercy Theater on Tuesday night and it's a little... questionable. We're pretty much obsessed with the beautiful sound of her voice, but she screws up some of the lyrics. We also love the R&B spin she put on the indie track, but it doesn't necessarily call for long, drawn-out notes -- unless you're covering Kimbra's part of the song, which sadly, we don't even get to see.

Rita girl, we love you, and you're such a powerhouse vocalist, we think it's time that you move on from all of these covers and perform 'R.I.P.' a bit more often. Besides, 'Somebody That I Used to Know' is quickly moving on to 'Call Me Maybe' territory. We're growing sick of it.

Watch Rita Ora Perform Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know'