Rita Ora is gearing up for her first headlining U.S. tour this month with Iggy Azalea and Havana Brown. With a set of pipes like hers, it's hard to imagine how she keeps her voice in tip-top shape on the road -- and with amazing style like Rita's, it's also kind of mind blowing to think of going through her closet when she gets dressed for a show. Luckily for us, the bubbly Brit is spilling her live show secrets!

"When I go onstage, I don't imitate anybody," Ora told MTV News of her sets. "I definitely pull effects from artists, like the freedom of Coldplay performing. It's more of a band vibe than just a solo act. I vibe with my band a lot and just have fun onstage. It's no rules. It's no dance routines. It's just me and my band, rocking out." You hear that? Don't expect fancy footwork from the Albanian-born starlet!

"My pre-show rituals? I have to have a bottle of Jack," she confessed. (Why isn't she touring with Kesha?!) "I have to have some ginger ale. I have to have tea, and I can't really have any loud music," she added. "So I have to concentrate and focus as I sip on whiskey and tea. So that's usually my usual ritual!"

Ora also revealed that her onstage wardrobe choices are similar to her street style -- comfy is key! "My style onstage is very much like my style when I'm sitting here or when I'm going anywhere else. I usually just wear anything I'm comfortable in. But it's usually like latex or PVC or just something inappropriate, you know?"

Oh please, Rita. With a bod like yours, just about anything is appropriate! (Yes, we're jealous!)

As for her live show, you can get a hint of what you can expect from her performances by watching her incredible 'MTV Unplugged' set. She does a Stevie Wonder cover justice -- no small feat -- so you can only imagine what surprises she has in store when she has a full band and a room full of fans.

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