Even though you may still have her single 'R.I.P.' stuck in your head (along with the awesome visuals from the video), Rita Ora just released what may be the shortest teaser (and thus biggest tease!) for a music video ever. Her nine second snippet of her 'How We Do (Party)' video still manages to capture the feel of the track.

The clip shows Ora partying (what else?) with her pals, alternately lit by a black light and dim regular lighting. We also catch a glimpse of Ora in a black and white setting wearing a beanie and dancing with her comrades, a look similar to the one on her 'How We Do' single art. We're also treated to the Brit's infectious, smoky laugh. She looks like she's genuinely thrilled to be where she is.

There's a reason why Ora's probably having a grand old time. Her debut single hasn't even been officially released to radio yet, but is already getting airplay thanks to surprise visits to stations with her mentor, some guy you may have heard of named Jay-Z.

“[Jay] putting his seal of approval on something has meant a lot over the years,” Z100 programming director Sharon Dastur said of Ora's success. “But we heard other songs in addition to that where we were like, ‘This girl is going to be a superstar. There’s actually something there and we want to be in on it from the ground floor.’”

Now that fans and listeners can put a face to her sound, it looks like Ora is destined for big things. That's more than enough reason for her to party!

Watch Rita Ora 'How We Do (Party)' Video Teaser