Things are still sorta bitter between Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian. Although she has always said that they were never serious, Kardashian accused her of cheating on him with 20 guys. In an interview where she was asked who she would like to shag, marry or shoot relating to three Roberts, her replies were exactly what one might guess.

Ora said she'd shag 'Twilight' hunk Robert Pattinson, himself a victim of cuckolding from girlfriend Kristen Stewart, which was one of the scandals of the summer. Then again, who wouldn't?

She said she'd marry actor Robert De Niro. She said she'd shoot/kill Rob K. Who's shocked? Not us.

During an interview for Australia's 'Kyle & Jackie O' show, Ora was quick to reply. "OK here we go, I would marry Robert De Niro, I would shag Robert Pattinson and I would definitely, definitely, shoot Rob Kardashian," the 'How We Do' singer said (quotes via Hollywood Life).

Definitely. So there's no question about it ...

While Kardashian took to Twitter to publicly slam Ora for allegedly banging 20 other guys during their "relationship," which isn't a shock, considering that his family's entire life plays out on TV, she was more subdued when discussing it from the get-go.

She initially told Complex it wasn't a relationship nor was it serious, but she did claim they had each other's backs … at the time.

Then photos surfaced that made it seem like they were dating. And remember those fake matching tattoos? These two certainly were never clear about their status to the public and it seems like they weren't clear to one another, either.

She told Glamour U.K., "I’m not going out with Rob. We were close for a while, but it didn’t work because I was never there. I was like a ghost. I used to get so frustrated with myself and then wonder why I was angry, so I decided it was best to keep it friendly – especially at the moment, when there’s so much going on."

Friendly? Airing dirty laundry on Twitter was not friendly on ol' Rob's part.

Even though a Kardashian kommitment was a bust, it hasn't soiled her views on love. She admitted she still believes in the concept, based on how her mentor Jay-Z is with his wife Beyonce. "They are so in love. They made me believe that true love really does exist," Ora said.

Too bad there were rumors that she was getting it on with her boss.

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