There's no questioning Rita Ora's infinite hotness, whether it's her saucy red lips, her love of Tabasco sauce or her hook ups. The 'How We Do' singer sets our hearts ablaze! When she sat down for a candid, super fun chat with Power 106, she revealed who she has never dated (despite rumors) and what she loves to douse in hot sauce.

Ora was asked if she ever dated her collaborator Drake. It wouldn't surprise anyone if she did hook up with the Canadian rapper, since both are good looking and talented, and the sparks would fly. But she shot down those rumors: It ain't so!

So when the host asked her what exactly she is looking for in a man, she said it has to do with a sense of humor.

"It's all about making me laugh, making me comfortable," she said. She is reportedly casually dating Rob Kardashian of  that famous klan, but his name only came up when the radio show crew kept dropping it. Repeatedly.

Ora also admitted that she carries hot sauce with her at all times, since she believes that she has no taste buds and needs it to add spice and flavor to her foods. As if Ora herself wasn't spicy enough!

Wanna know what odd thing she puts Tabasco sauce on? Bananas. That sounds like a pregnancy craving, does it not? (Not that we're saying she's pregnant -- just that it's so random, like pickles and ice cream!) She makes a sandwich out of it, and "it tastes really nice."

Okay, Rita, we'll take your word for it.

Speaking of Rita's words, we LURVE her adorable British accent, like how she says "fourteen." It sounds like "fort een." So cute.

Watch Rita Ora Talk About Hot Sauce